Frequently Asked Questions

JRP Realty jrp-realty-home-2jpg Frequently Asked Questions
What is your per transaction fee?

JRP only charges $460.00/transaction side. The agent would CAP at $11,500.00. After that CAP is reached, you get 100% commission.

Does JRP offer leads to the agents?

We offer hundreds of leads to our agents every month. Our technology also empowers you to generate your own leads as well. We are also signed up with third-party lead providers like Opcity,, and to receive leads.

Is there any incentive for me to refer an agent to JRP?

You will get CASH $500.00 if you bring in any producing real estate agent into the company.

Do you offer training?

JRP offers regular weekly training. We also have hundreds of online videos that cover contracts, disclosures, and lead conversion, and so much more.

Do you allow real estate teams?

We are team-friendly. We house many real estate teams. Our team structures enable team leaders to grow their business.

Do you have broker/admin support?

You will have support available 7 days a week.

Do you offer any technology for agents?

We have one of the best technology suites which has so many tools for agents to generate new business or nurture existing clients which allows you to compete in today’s market.