Revenue Share

Earn 2% of the Gross Commissions of every sale that agent would close with JRP. After first five agents, the revenue share will increase to 2.5%.

Year 1

  • Introduce 5 Agents to JRP in year one
  • 6 transactions X $300.00/per transaction
  • $1800.00 X 5 Agents
  • $9,000.00/year

Year 2

  • Introduce Additional Five Agents
  • 6 transactions X $375.00/per transaction
  • $2250.00 X 5 Agents
  • $20,250.00/year

Let’s Simplify it


JRP Realty revenue-share-1 Revenue Share
You introduce an agent to JRP who closes a transaction of $500,000.00.

JRP Realty revenue-share-2 Revenue Share
The commission will be $15,000.00.

JRP Realty revenue-share-3 Revenue Share
You will receive 2% of the gross commission of $15,000.00

= $300.00

This will continue every closing until the agent hits the CAP.

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